What We Believe Determines How We Live

This truth is reiterated over and over in Scriptures; yet many today, even in God’s family, choose to be deceived thinking that it is really not that clear. However, it is proven over and over again, not only in the Scripture, but also in the reality of living life. We decide what we are going to believe and our decision of what we believe is determined by the choices we make in the things that influence our mind and our heart. We live from our soul, the eternal and central aspect of our existence. Every day, we all make decisions about the things we listen to, look at, and influence our mind with and, therefore, our thoughts and feelings, which in turn influence our decisions. We decide the people that we allow to influence our mind which then also affects our thoughts. Just because someone sits with us in church doesn’t mean that they will listen and let the information influence their thoughts. In all of the philosophies of this world, we may hear them, but that does not mean that we will choose to believe them. Many in Nazi Germany did not believe the lies of Hitler, but sadly most did. Many who have been raised in socialist nations have not allowed themselves to be indoctrinated with that philosophy, and they see the futility of it. Even in our nation, some who have gone to secular education all through their schooling have not allowed themselves to be deceived with the indoctrination of humanism and socialism, because they chose not to believe those lies, but instead they chose to believe the truth of God in His Word. They used the truth of Scripture to discern and filter the information they were given. Even here today, each of us have allowed ourselves to believe things that are contrary to God’s truth, because we chose to listen to the lies of this world more than the truth of God’s Word. Every one of us must make wise choices about what we allow to influence our heart, mind, and our soul and, therefore, influence our decisions in life that we will answer to God for at the judgement.