“Fulfilled Promises”

Unfortunately, we as humans struggle with this in many ways. Thankfully, our Saviour, who was God in the flesh, never has and never will struggle with keeping all of His promises recorded for us in His Word. I am so thankful for the prophecies of the Old Testament because as we read the fulfillment of them in the New Testament, we can see the reality of who we are trusting in to redeem us. God is holy and, therefore, does not have the capacity to lie at all. What He said He would do He has and will do to the very last detail. The Christian faith in not a blind faith regardless of how many people keep saying that falsehood. It is the true faith that is based on the truth of the Word of God that has been fulfilled in every point to this point and every future prophecy will be fulfilled fully as well. It is as tangible as the Word of God which we can read and the history recorded in it and even beyond it as well. It is described as a hope, but not as a wistful, fanciful dream that may or may not come true; rather, it is a promise that will take place fully even though it has not completely taken place yet. Peter tells us that Jesus gave us an example that we should follow in how He lived on earth and how He sacrificed Himself for us. John tells us in His first epistle that if we say we are His followers we should follow in His steps of living here on earth. When it comes to following the example of Jesus, if we are truly His children, then being truthful should be part of our witness. We should never say what is not true, and we should seek to fulfill what we commit to the best of our ability. Since we are not fully like Christ, there are many things out of our control that sometimes cause us to not be able to fulfill our word. However, when we say something, it should be our intention to fulfill our promise and speak truthfully. Jesus said He would suffer many things and die at the hands of evil men, just like the prophecies declared, and He did. Jesus also said that He would rise again on the third day, and He did just as He said He would do. Jesus also said He would come again to receive those who have trusted in Him as their Saviour, and He will. Jesus also declared that He would be the judge of the saved and of the lost and His judgment will be perfect, thorough, and eternal; He will do what He has said He will do. Are you preparing to meet Him as Judge?