Visiting for the First Time

What to Expect when Visiting

It is an honor to have you join us for services and we are excited to meet you.

Parking is out front and around the sides of the building. There will be friendly people to greet you when you arrive inside the building.

Country living means that we don’t dress like many people in the city. The pastors and some of the other men will be in suits or jackets and many of the ladies wear skirts or dresses. It is important that our guests feel comfortable so there is no dress code. Come and join us this week and feel at home as our guest.

Worship services are of a traditional style with gospel hymns and choruses. Preaching comes directly from God’s Word as preserved in the Kings James Bible.

It would be a pleasure to have you fill out a “Connection Card” that is located in the backs of the chairs so that we have record of your visit. We would like to send you a thank you letter for worshiping with us. Please place this card in the offering bag or give to the pastor or usher.

The collection of tithes and offerings is a time of worship to God as a member of our church. As guests, please do not feel any pressure to participate.

As a first-time visitor, please fill out the following form: