Time with Family and Friends

God has designed us for relationship. One of the reasons He did that was for us to desire relationship with Him, but also to enjoy the benefit of community and family. Some people do prefer to live life reclusive, but most studies have shown that that choice has a negative effect on our health and psyche. God wired us to live in community and that often is first experienced in a family setting. We are enjoying a great time with family and friends in Indiana while we are missing our family and friends there. When we get back to Oregon, we will be enjoying more family time as we gather together back at home. Another place where we enjoy community is in the gathering of God’s people in His house for worship and service. A church is a gathering of family and friends who unite together to worship and serve the Lord in a specific area agreeing together on specific beliefs to do the work and will of God in reaching the lost and building up believers. When we gather together in God’s house as family and friends, it is to bring glory to our God, build relationships, and build family identity; which is much like what we are doing on our vacation this week. We are meeting new people and catching up with people we have known for years. We are saying good bye for now to some that will be leaving us for Heaven in the near future, and we are loving on others who just lost loved ones into eternity. We are laughing and crying as we share our lives together thinking about the joys and sorrows that life brings to us all. Heaven is going to be a wonderful reunion of family and friends when all of God’s people, Old Testament and New Testament saints alike, are gathered together before the throne of God for eternity. What a wonderful day that will be indeed! But until then, we will continue enjoying our family and friends on vacations occasionally and in God’s house regularly. Gatherings of family and friends is something we should desire and look forward to, it should not be something that we should have to beg people to take part in or feel like it is too much of a bother. I love time with family and friends on vacation and in the house of God, and I trust that you do as well. It is the healthy way to live life as a person and as a Christian as well.