Happy Mother’s Day

Today, we are going to see from Scripture and from history the way God can use women to His glory for His display of His power to change life here on earth for better. The Bible and history are full of examples of how God can use women and men to accomplish His work in them and through them for His glory to have an eternal impact on the society they live in on this earth. There have been many women throughout history who have dedicated themselves to God’s will and God’s glory and made themselves a useful vessel by living a holy life according to His Word, and God used them greatly to make a difference on earth. I personally believe the same God who did it then can do it again, but He is looking for willing vessels for His glory. Ladies, you can make a difference in your family, in your home, in your children, in your church, in your work place, in your community, and in your nation and beyond. Your own life personally can bring God great glory and be used by Him for His work on earth if you are willing. However, your influence on others can be used to help prepare someone else to also be used greatly of God for His glory as well. Through your children, your grandchildren, or the children outside of your family that you have relationship with or influence on, you can be used by God to have an eternal difference in the lives and future of them for God’s glory. It was a Sunday School teacher that God used to greatly impact D.L. Moody, and he became a preacher God used on two continents to impact thousands of lives to the glory of God in amazing ways. God is the same today as He was then, I think we would all agree. The question is, are there people today who are interested and willing to truly seek God with their all and yield themselves to Him for His will to be done on earth through them to have a great impact on their time in history? I still believe God can bring revival to our time in history; the question is, are we willing to be used to let it happen in us? Are we willing to faithfully pray for it? Are we willing to be a clean vessel to be used to facilitate it? Are we going to trust God for it?