Memorial to Remember

Several years ago, Teri and I had the privilege to travel to Washington D.C.  It was truly a moving experience to see all of the different memorials for different wars we have fought and different presidents we have benefitted from. I remember going to the National Cemetery and seeing the Marine Memorial on our way, watching the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and seeing all of the tomb stones of those who have served our country with honor. I remember being overcome with emotion as we passed by the Korean War Memorial seeing the bronze soldiers on patrol and then turning to the right and looking down the dark marble wall of the Vietnam War Memorial. And then we walked to the memorials to remind us of the fallen in the battles of World Wars I & II. Memorials are to remind us of things that are significant in our past that have shaped us as people and a nation that should never be forgotten. God had memorials for the children of Israel in the Old Testament throughout their calendar and, even today, they still have significant meaning to us in the Church age of eschatology. In the New Testament, we see Jesus establishing the Lord’s Table as a memorial to His followers of the price He had to pay for our sin debt that we should never forget or take for granted. Even Sunday worship, for the believer in Jesus Christ, is a memorial of His bodily resurrection to ensure our eternal salvation in a glorified body. Today, as you are here to worship, make sure that you remember why you are here and make sure you keep your focus on the Person that gave us the reason for being here to worship. The next time we observe the Lord’s Table remembrance in worship, make sure you truly remember in your heart when you trusted Christ as your Saviour and all that He did to make your salvation possible for you. The next time you see a memorial marker, let me encourage you to take time to read what is it placed there to help you remember. Tomorrow, on Memorial Day, let me encourage you to take a little bit of time and remember those who have served our nation to secure and preserve our freedoms-many of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice of their very life in service for us as a people who make up a nation. It is critical that we remember the things these memorials are established to help us to never forget.