The I AM Still Is

For over six decades, the Almighty God has been building His church here at Summerville and He still is. Only the I AM is qualified to impart spiritual life into sinners like you and me, and He still is. Only I AM can change lives through the power of His Word, and He still is. Only I AM can work around the world through a little place that doesn’t even appear on some maps, and He still is. I am so thankful that the Lord, the I AM, the Almighty God, is still doing what only He can do in hearts and lives in His church in this place. God is still saving souls, still growing believers, still calling people into His service, and still supporting missionaries around the world and church planters right here at home. We should be thankful for all that God has been doing in this place over all these years; however, we need to focus our attention on what He is still doing and is still going to do in the days ahead. God still has much He wants to achieve through this place in the country, and we need to make ourselves available to Him and what only He can do in us and through us. There are more lost souls that God wants us to reach with His Gospel, so they can be saved from eternity in Hell. There are more people that He wants to call into His work beyond here as they hear His Word proclaimed and yield to His Spirit working in their hearts. There are more people that need to be delivered from the bondage of sin and more believers that need to be challenged to bring God greater glory. There are more marriages that need to grow to display God’s love in this world and to demonstrate the kind of marriage God describes in the pages of His Word. There are more parents who need to learn the principles of biblical parenting that God has given in His Word. There are more workers, bosses, and business owners that need to build their careers with the principles of God’s Word. There are more missionaries to help spread the Gospel around the world and more church planters to help plant church here at home. I am so thankful that the I AM that is the Creator God has the same power today to do His work to His glory on the earth that He had when He began His creative work to build and fill the universe. I AM still is loving, gracious, merciful, and compassionate as the shepherd to His sheep and as a father showing pity on his child in need. May we be willing vessels for Him to continue doing His great work to His deserving glory as we look to the future as God fulfills the truths of His Word here on earth. Praise be to the Almighty God, the I AM, who still is all we need to do His will here on earth.