For the Glory of the Lord

This past week we made a change in the year. On Friday, we officially entered into the autumn season. The weather is changing and soon the leaves of the deciduous trees will be as well. Indeed, the days are getting shorter and cooler. As we move from one season to the next and another year marches on, I want to challenge us all to do a little review and a little planning. Take inventory of your life and how you are living it. If we do not periodically examine ourselves, then it is easy for our priorities to get out of kilter and our days become spent on things that are not eternal and often dishonor God. If we inspect our life on a regular basis, it can help us make needed adjustments before we waste too much time and damage our accountability with the Lord at the Judgement Seat of Christ. Ask yourself a few probing questions and be courageous enough to answer them honestly; it might actually help you not only honor God more but even be a better Christian here on earth. Here is a really good question: how is your personal walk with God going? What are you getting from His Word as you read it each day? When was the last time you sensed the Holy Spirit of God speaking to your heart about something He wanted to help you change to bring God greater glory? When was the last time you handed someone a Gospel tract and encouraged them to read it to see how to know they are going to Heaven when life on earth is over? When was the last time that you verbally shared your faith with a person? How much time are you spending in prayer on behalf of other people? Are you honoring the Lord with your finances? Are you offering a tithe to the Lord in thanksgiving for His blessings on your work in worshipful obedience to Him? Are you giving offerings to the Lord above the tithe to missions, to guest speakers, to help others with needs? Are you putting anything into savings after paying all of your bills or are you spending everything and even more creating debt in the wake of irresponsibility? How are you doing on your relationships with your family and others? How is your tone in your speech with them? Are your words building them up or tearing them down? Are you speaking truth or are you manipulating information to your own benefit and is the truth you are speaking spoken in love or in wrath? Are you spending more of your time and money on yourself or on others and the Lord’s work? These questions can be very insightful and very helpful in life and in eternity.