Glorify God Among the Lost Everywhere

In our call to worship Scripture (Psalm 96:1-13), God calls us to glorify Him in every place, not just at church with God’s people. We are to glorify Him in the presence of the lost in order to be a witness to them. We are to make known His greatness to those who do not know Him, not just among others who already know Him. We are to declare His goodness to those that have not recognized it. We are to be letting those who are deceived by false gods know that we are all going to be judged in eternity by the one and only true God and Creator of us all. It is easy for any of us to honor God when we are surrounded by others who are doing the same thing. However, God calls His children to do that out in the world, around those who are not, so they can see and hear the evidence of His greatness in the lives of His children. God is truly great and He has done great things for His children that they know He has done for them because they have experienced them. But the lost do not know the greatness of God because they are not aware of it, nor have they experienced it in their own lives. They are the ones who also need to hear about how great God really is. They need God’s children to let them know about what He has done for them so they can realize He is able to do the same in their lives as well. Those who are blinded by the deceptions of Satan by sin dominating their lives or by religions of man holding them in bondage need to know the truth of God and the truth about the true God form His Word being declared by His children. They need to hear of His glory and righteousness, but they also need to hear it coming from a normal person like themselves who is living life in an abnormally godly way. They need to see the difference that God’s glory has made in how the children of God live in real life, not merely in church life. The majority of the lost people of the world are not going to see us worshipping the true God in His house of worship, because they will not come to attend. However, they do live every day out in the world in every place and that is exactly where they need to see God’s children giving glory and praise in worship to God in how we live, how we talk, how we work, and how we react to the challenges that we face just like they face. When they see that witness of worship outside of the church house, it helps them to realize there is something greater than ourselves at work in our lives and God is glorified in that witness.