Thank You for Serving

We live in a day and age of less people being willing to serve and more people expecting to be served. Today, we are recognizing people who are willing to serve their fellow man. They are servants who are willing to serve their fellow humans often in their worst traumas of life. Brave men and women who willingly put on the uniforms of service and risk their own health and safety on behalf of others who find themselves in need of help. Courageous people who willingly set their own fear aside to value something greater than their fear and courageously go to the cause of trauma while the majority of humans are running from it. They are people who risk personal injury and train regularly to be ready and equipped whenever duty calls to ensure their greatest chances of success and survival for themselves, their comrades, and the one they came to serve. Today, we remember a day in human history where the bravery and danger of these faithful servants was put on display due to the evil of several men from nations motivated by hate for our nation and for the freedoms for which it stands. The worst attack on our nation in history was carried out by evil men on September 11, 2001, in New York City and Washington DC. Before that, the worst attack on our nation’s soil took place in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, which was also motivated by hate for our nation and our freedoms as Americans. Both of these attacks also had a common element of religions that propagates hate and violence for personal reward. On those days, we saw brave men and women display great heroism for the benefit of those in harm’s way, the sacrifice of their own lives for the salvation of other lives, and mitigation of further attacks on our nations soil. Today, we honor our military, law enforcement, fire, paramedic, rescue, and medical personnel who are the first responders who come to our aid and rescue us when we find ourselves in a traumatic event of life as individuals, as communities, and as a nation. Today and every Sunday, we gather in this place to honor the ultimate First Responder who came to rescue each of us from our greatest trauma in life of the eternal destruction of our sinfulness in sacrificing Himself on the cross to pay the debt of our sin and to deliver us from eternal death to eternal life by faith in Him in the Salvation He made possible for anyone who will receive it personally. That person is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all who will receive Him by faith.