Memorials are instituted and intended to remind us of significant events and people. Memorial Day was instituted by our nation to remember the service and sacrifice of those in our nation’s military service who have served. Sacrificed, and even died for our nation protection from enemies. It originated after the Civil War and was recognized on May 30, 1868. In 1968, Congress moved the date to be celebrated yearly on the last Monday of May.  In 1962, Congress passed a resolution establishing May 15 as Peace Officer’s Memorial Day to honor those who have died in the line of duty in Law Enforcement. Fire Fighters are recognized for their service and sacrifice remembering those fallen in the line of duty on May 4-5. God established special days of celebrating significant events in the history of His people in His Word. One such date was celebrated last Sunday. It has always been on a Sunday and is known as Pentecost, because it is fifty days after the first sabbath following Passover. It is also called the feast of weeks, because it is counted down with seven sabbath days following Passover plus one day, always making it on a Sunday. It originated in the Old Testament to recognize when God gave His written Word in the Ten Commandments to Moses after instituting the Passover with the deliverance of His people from Egypt. In the New Testament, God chose this special day to also empower His people in His church with the abiding presence of His Holy Spirit ten days after His ascension back into Heaven. I think it is significant that the celebration of the giving of God’s first written Word and the celebration of the indwelling and abiding presence of His Holy Spirit are both done on a Sunday. Every Sunday we gather in worship on the day of the week that God’s chose to have His Son raise from the dead, that He gave us His first written, inspired Word to His people that He has preserved, and He gave His Spirit to live in His children. Those are all good reasons to worship God on Sunday for our time in history. I hope our Lord’s Day worship today will honor our God in a way that He is worthy and due. I also hope your celebration of Memorial Day tomorrow will honor the sacrifice of those who have served and sacrificed for our nation and freedom in our branches of the US Military.