Being a Biblical Church

I desire Summerville Baptist Church to be always being a biblical church no matter who the body is made up of and the pastor may be. For that to be true, we must all be constantly and consistently praying for the Lord’s church here and each of the members in it to be biblical in their living and thinking. For any church to be a truly biblical church its doctrine must be thoroughly biblical. Which is why we are currently in a doctrinal series of messages, “I Still Believe.” Churches are changing their doctrinal beliefs everywhere, and we must not ever do so. We must know our beliefs and why we believe them based upon Bible truths that are unchanging if we are going to be “Steadfast, Unmovable, Abounding” always as a church. Another matter that makes any church a biblical church is the church’s passion for evangelism. It is critical that, as a church, we are all actively engaged in spreading the Gospel message right here at home and around the world at the same time. It is imperative that we are seeing souls saved, believers baptized, Gospel tracts being handed out, and that we are giving to support missionaries to do the same things in other places around the world. I am excited that May was a great month for our church in continuing to be a biblical church. Not only did more people gather in God’s house to worship God and hear the doctrinal preaching of His Word, we also had a great month in giving to missions, as well as one soul that trusted Christ as personal Saviour. It is always a blessing to see a biblical church giving birth to spiritual fruit of people being born into God’s family by faith in Jesus Christ as a result of spreading the Gospel message faithfully. It is also a blessing to take on new missionaries because mission giving is going higher. We just added a new foreign missionary to our missions team, the Larsons, who are going to a restricted access country in the 10/40 window next year. The deacons and I will begin praying and discussing another recommendation to the church family for a home missions candidate in the near future. If God continues to bless His people and they continue to obey Him in their giving of tithes and offerings to missions, we will have another record year in missions giving for 2019. This is something I personally praise God for as the shepherd of this flock. I do not control the giving to missions as a pastor. That is something that God totally dictates by His burden and blessing on the hearts and lives of His children. To see the giving to faith missions increasing due to new people giving to missions and the percentage of those giving increasing is truly a joy to a pastor. Let us, one and all do our own part to be right with God in our own hearts to help do our part in making the Lord’s church here a biblical church until He comes to take us all home to be with Him eternally.