Being a Biblical Church

I use that term often about our church and other churches, and it truly is critical and distinctive in our world today. It is the declaration of my desire for our church, and I hope the desire of each person who helps to make up this church family. However, for any church to be biblical, it must follow the Bible closely and accurately. For any church to follow the Bible closely and accurately, the people that make up that church mut be people of the Bible. They need to know what the Bible has to say, so that they can help their church adhere to what the Bible says in those matters. This is one of the many reasons that I often declare that we all need to be in the Word of God personally and regularly, not just collectively occasionally. The church is the people who make it up. If the church is going to be biblical, then the people of the church must be biblical. They must know it so they can live it and practice it personally and help the assembly of the believers follow it collectively in the function of the church body. If this church, or any church, is going to be a biblical church, then we each individually must be people of the Bible who read it, study it, and seek to obey it. When we each are seeking to be biblical people in our own lives, then we will be helping our family be biblical together. When we have individuals who are seeking to be biblical in their lives, then our children in our homes will be raised in a biblical home which will help them and encourage them to become adults who will practice the Bible in their own lives as well. This will in turn help each of us do our part in helping the church we are in to be a biblical church for now and into the future. These truths are essential for our morning and our evening sermon series to be a reality for us here today. If we are not in the Word of God regularly ourselves, we will be ill equipped to live it out in our lives personally or help our church to practice it collectively. This is why we must be people who are in the Bible throughout the week at home, not merely when we gather in the house of God.