Family is God’s Design

The best way to know the best way to operate anything or fix it when it is broken is to check with the designer of the item. The designer of an item often writes up an explanation of how to use the item as intended, maintain it to function best, or even trouble shoot problems or fix things when they are broken. When it comes to the family, I am thankful that the Designer of it has given us His manual for how to operate it most effectively, how to figure out what is wrong when it is not working properly, and how to fix it when it is broken. The Bible gives vital truth to help us not only live our own life the way God designed it to be lived, but also in our family relationships. If we are going to enjoy God’s intent and purpose for marriage and family, then we must get into His manual to learn from His wisdom. God addresses each aspect of family relationships in His Word. God’s Word addresses husbands, wives, and their treatment of each other as well. It speaks to parents and children about their role in the family and God’s will for their part in their family. God’s Word speaks to grandparents, older family members, as well as those who are unmarried. If we want our family relationships to honor God and have His blessings on our lives and relationships, then we must obey what His Word says about us and our role in our family relationships. If the adults in the family are going to give the children in the family the right example to follow, then they need to benefit from God’s instructions in His Word and practice His wisdom in their relationships. If the members of any church are going to help their church have the right relationships, then they must obey God’s will for their lives in His church that they are a part of as a member. If we are going to display God’s love to this world, then we must do so in our relationships, then we must put the truths of God’s Word into action in our lives and relationships.