Hope for the Home

What the world needs now is character! As we see the collapse of our society unfolding before our eyes, we can see the foundations crumbling that once made us great. When our nation had more God honoring people than God denying people, things were clearly better. When our nation had more morality and personal character, we had a better society. When our nation supported the law enforcement and law-abiding citizens, we had a safer and more peaceful society. When our families had mothers and fathers who stayed together and raised their children together and trained them in the principles of the truths of Scripture, we had a more stable society. When more mothers were virtuous woman who cared for and nurtured their family and more fathers were loving leaders who provided for and protected their family, we had more children growing up to be productive members of society. When I was doing history with Kenneth this week as Teri was here for Sweet Hour of Prayer with other ladies, he read a quote by our thirtieth President, Calvin Coolidge, who led our nation from 1923-1929. He said, “The strength of a nation depends on the character of the people.” The truth of that quote grabbed me, so I looked for other great quotes by this God-fearing man who was reared in a Puritan Congregational home and church in New England. I found another treasure of truth stated by him, “Character is the only secure foundation of the state.” He entered the presidency after the death of his predecessor, Warren Harding, who died in the midst of political scandal. Coolidge began his presidency by dismissing many corrupt individuals from the administration and seeking better replacements to improve the leadership character of the nation. We need more leaders who believe such things as this not only in word but in behavior. We need more leaders not only in the nation and the state with character but also in our churches. However, the strength of a people has always began in the place where God began back in Genesis. God did not begin with the church nor the nation, but with the home. God started with a man and a woman as the beginning of the family. Before He ever instituted the government or the church, He instituted the family. Although we need to vote according to biblical principles, the solution is not political. The greatest hope for our nation is not even in the church house, even though we need more biblical churches filled with more God honoring people. The root of the changes we need in our society is rooted in the foundation of any society, and that is in families who are following God and living life God’s way according to His Word. That is what made our nation great to begin with and that is our greatest hope for making it great again. Everything else is secondary, not primary. God help us have homes He can bless for our future.