God Answered Our Prayers Marvelously

Psalm 118:23

This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

I would like to give God glory for His marvelous work that He did in our midst this past week in the 33rd annual Northwest Bible Conference hosted by the church family here at Summerville Baptist Church. We prayed much, prepared a lot, and planned the best we knew how; but we trusted God to do for us the things that only He could do. Praise be to Him for what He did to His glory through the ministry we offered to Him. I praise God that He brought together 200 people in our first service Monday night. There were 56 servant leaders in the services: 28 lead pastors, 9 staff members, 7 missionaries, 6 church planters, 5 ministry representatives, 2 evangelists, and 1 retired pastor who is doing pulpit supply now. I was blessed to meet 13 new folks who were at the conference for the very first time and several of them commented on planning to return next year. We heard 6 incredible sermons preached with the help of the Holy Spirit that were thoroughly biblical and blessed my heart, as well as many I heard from. We had the altars filled with people praying and many who remained seated were praying during the invitations making decisions directed by the Lord. God did exceedingly and abundantly above what we asked and thought in the fund raising for projects this year. We prayed for God to allow us to see great and mighty things to help meet the needs of fellow servants who are serving with the Lord in other places and, oh my, did He ever answer that prayer. According to my records, we have more money pledged to be given than ever before in my time hosting the conference. Based on the pledges of giving and the checks that I have been told would be coming to help with projects, we have raised right at $26,000.00 so far, and that does not include any funds given in the offering that are undesignated to be distributed as needed. God took care of every detail for us once again for which we are truly grateful for His gracious goodness unto us all. I am very grateful to each person that took upon themselves a part of the work of the ministry of the Bible conference this year. I praise God for every prayer that was lifted up unto the Lord to support the Bible conference. I was also greatly blessed to see so many from our church family who were sitting in the congregation taking part in the singing and preaching for the different worship services that took place during the Bible conference. God did amazing things through this event once again and we give Him all the glory and thanks for His goodness unto our church family.