Let Us See What God Will Do!

For over three decades God has done amazing things through His church here at Summerville through the ministry of the Northwest Bible Conference. Here we are again getting ready to see what God is going to do this year! I have been blessed by what I have experienced personally and witnessed God do in the lives of others in the past 24 conferences that I have enjoyed. Several of you have enjoyed even more years of the Bible Conference than I have, and some here have enjoyed all 34 of them. I am thankful for all that God has done over the years, and I am excited to see what He will do again this year. Through the years, we have established and developed relationships with children of God from all over the world who have taken part in the Bible conference. We have been amazed to see the support that God’s servants have given to help each other by praying for and giving to needs and projects. We have watched God build up and encourage brothers and sisters in Christ who have come here discouraged and left here recharged to be faithful to what God has given them to do with Him where they live and serve. Over the years, we have enjoyed many wonderful truths preached from God’s Word by servants of God that He has blessed and used to challenge and encourage His people. God has done many wonderful things through the ministry of the Bible conference that has been hosted in His church here at Summerville; I am eagerly anticipating what He has planned to do this year. We have prayed and will continue to do so. We have planned and will need to now work and put our plans into practice. We have prepared to present to God the offering of this ministry and service. But now, we need God to do the part that only He can do in the hearts and lives of us and of His children who attend. We need to witness God bringing Himself glory in and through our lives as we seek to serve and bless those who come to take part in the conference this year. We need to be available to God to be a tool in His hand to do His work and to benefit from the messages that He has given to His preachers to preach from His Word. Let us all be present to see what God will do.