All Hands-on Deck

This year is the thirty-fourth year for hosting the Northwest Bible Conference here at Summerville Baptist Church. The Lord has done amazing things through the ministry of this conference over the years, and we are very thankful for how He has chosen to bless it. This event is a huge undertaking for our church, and we need everyone to take part in the work of the ministry in order to make it happen. We need everyone to take part to serve the guests that we have come, so they can benefit from what God is going to do this year through this ministry. We need four different meals cooked and provided for all of our guests. No one person can do all of that, but everyone can do something to make it happen. We need servers and clean-up crew for each meal that is provided as well. We will have little ones here that will need to be cared for in the nursery for the six different sessions. We need helpers to supervise children during the church planting forum and the ladies fellowship on Tuesday afternoon as well. God has used the people who gather together for this event each year to raise thousands of dollars to meet the needs of other servants of the Lord, and I am excited to see what God is going to do this time. The purpose of this conference is to exalt the Lord, proclaim His Word, and encourage His servants. I want to encourage us all to come filled with the Spirit of God so you can be used of the Lord to encourage those who come to be our guests. We want to bless them, encourage them, and build them up in the work the Lord has called them to do in the place they serve with Him. Please pray with me that the Lord will use this ministry to be a blessing to His servants who come to enjoy the Bible conference this year. Pray for relationships to grow among the fellow servants of the Lord. Pray for new relationships to be established as people meet brothers and sisters in Christ from churches all over the northwest. This is a big event and it requires a lot of effort, but it is also a privilege for us that God has chosen to use it for all these years and bless it to bless others. I hope that every person who is involved in this church will do something to help in the service unto others and be a part of what God does this year during the Northwest Bible Conference.