Happy Father’s Day

For every man here today, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day! You are either a father now or maybe one day will be a father, but definitely you had a father at one time. There are all kinds of fathers in this world. Some are wonderful, while others are not so wonderful. Some are terrible, while others are not too bad. Not everyone has been blessed with a wonderful father in their lifetime physically, but for every person who knows Jesus as their Saviour, they have the perfect father in the Heavenly Father. God the Father is the standard by which every father should seek to emulate and to use as our model for how to be a biblical father. Too many young boys and teen boys today do not have a father in their life or do not have a good role model as a father—and that is a true shame. The result of that reality is being displayed in the collapse of our society. The solution to the decline of our nation is for men to walk with God in their lives personally and to lead their families biblically as God commanded them to do in the beginning. This is also the solution to the decline of many of the churches in our nation and our world. God calls men to be leaders in churches and in families, but unfortunately it takes effort, work, resolve, and courage to lead. Another thing is required in being a good leader in a church or a family, that is being a good follower of the right leader in your own life. Many men are not good leaders, because they are not good followers of the right leader. For any man to be the best leader they can be in their life, they need to be following the Lord God Almighty in their life personally. The Lord will lead you in the right way and help you lead your family in the right way as well. The Lord will work in your life to help you be the example, leader, and role model that your family and friends need you to be in their life as well. Our calls to worship today are not only good reminders for the men in the worship services, but also for each person to be the best person they can be by following and honoring the Lord in their life personally. The messages today are all about what God the Father wants for every person to experience in their life personally with Him as their Heavenly Father through faith in His Son Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.