“Caring is Sharing”

Years ago, I was taught this little phrase from a small child that we had in foster care for quite a while in our home. She heard it on an educational program geared for children. Back then educational shows focused on math and reading and kindness, but sadly today many of these same children’s educational programs are used for indoctrinating young minds with a perverted and evil social agenda pushed by people who want to corrupt the innocence of childhood with their unbiblical and anti-God lies. This is a true statement in life and in theology, caring is truly sharing. We read this in John 3:16 and hundreds of others verses in Scripture that support the truth of this little phrase. The Bible tells us that “God so loved the world,” which is caring and then it says, “that he gave his only begotten Son,” which is sharing. So, we see that what we truly care about we will act upon by sharing with and unto that thing or person. Many people in the Lord’s church here have put this truth into action in recent days, for which I am thankful as your pastor. We have been challenged to care about other Christian servants in need in other places of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. Many people have responded to that request to care by the action of sharing, for which I praise God for His direction and their obedience. Some shared because they cared financially, others shared physically by sharing their time and energy in going and working, while some did both. This week, people in this church were instrumental in encouraging believers connected to High Desert Christian Academy in Prineville, OR. Through giving financially, a check for $500.00 was sent to help with renovation of their new facility. Through going and working, we were able to get three rooms ready for the new school year and many others emptied and ready for the work to begin getting them ready. If you have not put your caring into sharing yet, there is still time. The end of this month brings another opportunity of ministry with the church mission trip to the Yakama Reservation helping Glenn and Deb Hohmann. That team will be working on the church building in the daytime and holding outreach ministry in a park for children in the evening and sharing is still needed. We need more financial sharing for this trip, as well as physical sharing of time and energy by being part of the team to go. And then in July, we have a team going to Alaska to serve with the Warren family and faith Baptist Church for their summer camp, while at the same time we are hosting Vacation Bible School right here in this church ministry. So, please respond to these needs by caring enough to share in the work of the Lord for His glory and will on earth as it is in Heaven.