God is So Good

God has promised to answer us and to show us great and mighty things. I sincerely believe that we had thousands and thousands praying for our precious Haven Grace. Together we called upon the only One who can truly meet our deepest needs of body and soul. We asked God for His will to be done and for us to have the grace needed to accept His will with grateful hearts. You have all joined us before the throne of God, and we rejoice together in His will for Haven.
We have been amazed since the day Haven was born. God’s hand has worked on her behalf in miraculous ways. I love sharing her story and giving God the glory for all of the details. It reminds me of His watch care over us and how He cares about the little details of our lives. He has used God’s people to meet so many needs for Malerie and Nathan. It is humbling. It has even, in many ways, been overwhelming in such a beautiful way. We have all cried many tears through this journey, but most of them have been tears of gratitude and thanksgiving. As Papa and Nana, our hearts have been enlarged as we have seen you all love on our family. We feel our own joy through it all, but we also feel the joy of watching you all love on our kids. So, thank you. Thank you for entering in to our trial with us. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for understanding some of our time being taken away with ministering to our family. We love you.
Now, may we please ask you to continue praying for our sweet Haven? There are still obstacles to overcome. She still needs God’s hand to work in her little body for healing. Her surgery was very demanding on her. There are many sick children in the PICU, and we need her to stay well as she battles through the next week. Did I mention how much we love you all? We do. Thank you.