God Is So Good

The Book of Genesis begins God’s revelation of Himself to man by making known His goodness in creation on each day creation’s work being described as “good”, and then on day six with the making of man concluding His creative work saying that the whole of it was “very good.” We see later, in the Book of Genesis, Joseph declaring that God, in His sovereignty, used the evil of Joseph’s brothers for the good of His people and for His glory and for the fulfillment of His prophetic Word. We see in the Book of James that God’s Word declares that “every good gift” is from God above to His children and to His creation. In Ephesians 2, we see that God has ordained that those who are redeemed in Christ are to bring forth good works, because they are the children of God, Who is good. That same truth is restated again in I John and III John in the fact that God’s children are to show forth His goodness in their lives to His glory on earth and as a witness to the lost around them. When we think of God’s goodness, there is so much for us to acknowledge that we enjoy as His children. In creation, in Salvation, in relationships with others, in His churches and ministry on earth, in His provision to us and His protection over us, and in His Word and His fulfillment of His Word in His work on earth; in all of this and in so many other matters, we see the goodness of God displayed to mankind generally and to His children specifically. God is truly good, but the question is are we experiencing it and acknowledging it. If we are living in sin as a born again believer or lost in sin as an unbeliever in Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, we are truly missing out on the experience of God’s goodness in our lives. But, sad to say, many true believers who are being blessed on a regular basis are failing to enjoy the magnitude of His blessings by failing to acknowledge them. As God’s children, we need to give Him glory for His goodness unto us, for His praise that He is worthy of, and for a witness to the lost around us. May we commit ourselves to enjoying the satisfaction of His goodness in our lives to the fullest extent in making it known to those around us so God receives the glory He deserves, and we help those who do not know Him realize how good He is to those who trust in Him. In doing so, they may want to enjoy the same reality in their own lives personally by entering into an eternal relationship with Him by faith.