Great Things God Is Doing

I am thankful for the great things that God has done in His work on earth throughout history that are recorded for us in the Bible. I am thankful for all of the great things God has done over the history of His continued work on earth that is recorded for us in history books. I am thankful for the great things God has done through His churches over the centuries all over the world since the origination of the establishment with Christ on the earth. I am thankful for the great things God has done in this particular church for the forty-five years of history before I arrived in December of 1999. The Lord has done many great and mighty things over the years especially with Doyle Wilson who was the founding pastor; I had the pleasure of visiting with him on the phone a few years before he died. God has continued to use the many who have followed him over the years. I am very grateful for all the Lord did under Pastor Wayne McKay, who served for around a decade and fed into my wife and his successor, Bro. Beickel during their teen years. The Lord truly did amazing things during the just over eleven years of Bro. Chuck Beickel’s ministry as pastor here, and I give praise to the Lord for it all. I am also thankful for the twenty-four years God has given me here at His church in Summerville and the wonderful things He has done even in this past year. We will be reviewing the work of God here in His church this past year in the service tonight, and I hope you will be here to rejoice with me as we look at the fruit of the Lord’s work in and through His church here at Summerville. I also praise the Lord by faith for what He still wants to do in us and through us as His church here in the coming year and the years ahead for His glory until He comes for us. None of us know exactly how long we have on this earth or in this church, but we can commit ourselves to being faithful to the Lord as long as we are given to be here. I hope you will be here tonight as we share the vision for the work of the Lord for the future as we seek to continue doing His work His way to His glory as His church until He comes for us.