You Choose Who and What You Yield To

The freewill of man that God created us with has many ramifications in many different facets of life. We choose if we listen to the Gospel or not. We choose what and who we will believe. We choose how we respond to God’s correction and conviction. We choose if we receive or reject God’s grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness in His Salvation just like John 1:11-13 says. If we are well and healthy, we choose if we go to church for corporate worship or do something else on the Lord’s Day. We choose if we spend time alone with God in His Word and prayer for personal worship or not. We choose if we watch something wholesome or something ungodly on television or the internet. We choose if we live life God’s way or our way or the world’s way. We choose if we follow Christ in our life or follow the ways of this world. We choose if we are influenced by the wisdom of God more than the wisdom of this world. We choose what we put into our body and what we refuse to put into our body and, therefore, how it affects our body and mind. We choose if we exercise our body, our mind, or our spirit or none of them and just be idle. We choose if we make ourselves available to God to work in our heart and mind and life, or if we make ourselves available to something or someone else to influence us instead of God. We choose if we will truly be a Christian in faith and life or if we merely settle for another form of religion that is more man centered than Christ centered. We choose if we learn more about God and what He says to be true in His Word or if we will be uninformed. We choose if we will listen to false teachers of God’s Word who are giving out their own personal agenda about what God has said or if we will be influenced by a teacher of truth who speaks what God has spoken. We choose for ourselves if we will live according to the divine power God put within us if we are saved or if we allow our carnal flesh to be powerful in our lives. We choose if we will make ourselves available to God for adding truth into our lives to grow us as a true believer or if we will stay ignorant to His truth and remain a spiritual baby with life but no progress to see much fruit for God’s glory. Freewill truly applies to far more than just the matter of Salvation, it effects every hour of every day for God’s glory in our lives or Satan’s.