God is Still at Work in This Place!

I have been blessed this week hearing from several of our missionaries, from preacher friends of mine in different places, and reading about the work of God around the world. I am here to let you know that God is still at work all over the world achieving His purposes and plans in the lives of many through the obedience of His faithful servants serving Him in His power. I have heard of great answers to prayers, souls being saved in amazing ways, churches experiencing growth, and God’s people growing to the glory of God. I am thankful for all that God is doing, no matter all that we see that Satan is doing as well. God is still at work in hearts and lives of people in His church here and in churches all over the world and He is worthy of our praise. I know there are a lot of sad things in this life, frustrating things, and even infuriating things that take place on this earth, but God is still at work here and around the world. Even with the loss of Jewelldene, Mom, Grandma Beickel; we still know that God is good and He is still at work in this place. Ma Beickel has been a huge part of Summerville Baptist Church for decades. She was a pillar in the work of God here at Summerville until she no longer could due to her declining memory just a few years ago. She was a Sunday School teacher for elementary grade school children for over two thirds of the history of this church. She also served in the nursery, VBS, and Joy clubs at Imbler Elementary many years ago. She ran the food service amazingly for many years for the Bible Conference until she could not anymore. She was always faithful in everything she did and always willing to be a help in any way she could. But even with all she did, it was who she was that will be missed so much. She was a godly woman who loved her Saviour and her family and she cared about people. Because of who she was as a person and whose she was as a child of God, it made her the amazing person we all know and love and will greatly miss indeed. She was a great person, an incredible wife, an unbelievable mother, and the best mother-in-law a fella could ever have. To add to her achievements in life she raised three children, one of which became the future pastor of her own church. Her son, Chuck Beickel, led the church for over a decade and achieved many of the greatest accomplishments in the entire history of Summerville Baptist Church. She also raised the current pastor’s wife who is quite fantastic if I do say so myself. Jewelldene Beickel will truly be greatly missed by so many people because of the great impact she had on all who knew her and the great blessing she is to all who love her.