God is Still at Work

Our society and culture are truly in a mess and Satan is clearly having a field day advancing evil as many of our leaders in politics, education, corporations, media, and even much of religion, are clearly being used in his service. However, even in our day, God is still at work doing great and mighty things and God’s people need to have courage and confidence in Him. Many liberal churches are dying indeed, but many biblical churches are growing and being planted all over the world. We see Satan advancing unbelievably ignorant and illogical evil with woke and liberal progressivism, but many believers are standing against the tide and winning battles in court. There is clearly much that is wrong in our nation and our world, but do not lose heart, my friend, because God is still at work. God is still changing hearts of believers to turn from sin and grow in holiness. God is still drawing people to receive His Son as their Saviour by the working of His Spirit through His Word in the hearts of lost sinners. Satan wants Christians to give in to sin, quiet down to speaking truth, and just go along with the corruption around them. But God is still at work and many of His children are unwilling to cave under the pressure. Life on earth is short compared to eternity and it will be worth being faithful to God and His Word in eternity–even if it doesn’t seem so here on earth. God is not finished doing His work on earth and He is not giving up on using His children to make a difference for His glory while they are here. God’s Word is still “quick and powerful” and gives life to those who will hear it and heed it. God’s Spirit is still on duty and still can work to display His power through any soul yielded to Him. The Lord’s churches are still here on earth and is still on the move to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around this world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is still “the power of God unto Salvation to every one that” will hear it and obey it by faith to save their soul from sin and no child of God should be ashamed to proclaim it and unleash its power. God is still at work and so should we be.