God is Great, God is Good!

Do you remember praying that very basic and elementary prayer when you were a child perhaps even before you knew the Lord as your Saviour? I do, but I am glad that I have graduated from rote memorized prayers of a preschooler and moved to more personal prayers that change each time I bow my head before the throne of God. There are many things that I am still learning about God, but I am thankful for the things I have learned about Him already. This opening line to this basic prayer articulates two truths about God that I am thankful to know. The greatness of God is a wonderful reality that I am thankful for about God. There is nothing too hard for God and with Him all things are possible that will bring Him glory. God is the Almighty God, meaning that He is all powerful and able to do whatever is needed to accomplish His will. The greatness of His power is displayed in the creation of the universe and all that is in it. I never cease to be amazed at the glory of God that is expressed to us in His creation. Watching the sunset in the west over the Pacific and knowing that in a few hours it will be raising over the Atlantic just as it does every single day and has done every day since God set it in space to benefit the earth for life. The power of the sun is incredible, but the power of the Creator of the Sun is infinitely greater. And then to think about how God hydrates the earth for life with evaporation over the oceans and clouds blowing by wind and pressure over the earth with heating and cooling causing precipitation on the earth, and even lightening splitting water molecules to releasing others chemicals to fertilize the earth and actually also break down greenhouse gases to neutralize them. However, God is not only great as a description of His ability, but He is also good in a description of His character. God is good in all that He does. He is kind and gracious and does all things well. Good describes the quality of who He is and what He does. He is holy which is why He is good in in His character and in His actions. He cares about us and extends His grace to us and makes forgiveness possible to us which are all aspects of His goodness. Jesus is also described as the Good Shepherd in the New Testament, and He displayed His goodness in His earthly ministry. I am thankful that God is great and God is good, and we can benefit from both in our lives as we trust in Him and follow Him in our lives.