God is Fundamental to All Things

Everything starts with God! Any study of Theology must begin with God, because He alone is the origination of all things that are true. Even the word “Theology” is defined as “the study of” as in “ology” and “God” as in “theos,” which is the Greek word for God. All that is in creation begins with God, because He is before it all and by Him it all exists. The only entity that existed before creation when time began is God, and He alone is eternal. He is the Almighty in which all power finds its source. He is the eternal living One that all of life gets life from. He alone is the all-knowing One that created all things wisely, intelligently, and perfectly. God is the source of the information recorded in the Bible; therefore, it is true and without error because God alone is perfectly holy. The Bible is God’s book to man about Himself, not man’s book about God for himself. The Bible begins with the reality of God pre-existing in eternity past and concludes with God completing His eternal plan into the future by His own will. God is fundamental to all things that are true; therefore, He is the first of the Fundamentals of Biblical Christianity that we will examine. The reality is, we do not have any Biblical Christianity apart from God, we cannot be a Biblical Christian without knowing the true God of eternity, and we do not know the true God truly without His true Word the Bible. This is why we are beginning with God in our study. Our understanding of God is foundational to our accurate understanding of all truth in theology, because every facet of truth regarding all things mattering to Biblical Christianity begins with God, who is the source of all truth that is truly true. The problem with all of the religions that man has originated and all the various forms of religions where man has made his own adjustments to what God established through His own Son, is that they all start with a flawed view of God. Every false teaching of any religion is rooted in a flawed view of God. At the root of all of these false teachings is that God depends on us to help what He began to evolve and keep up with the changes of society. The accurate reality is that God does not need us, we need Him. God does not need our help with His truth, we need to stay submitted to Him trusting His revealed truth. God does not change with the times and, therefore, what is true about Him and true from Him does not change either. Most religions worship a god of their own creation, so they can adjust him as they wish; therefore, they are not worshipping the true, eternal, immutable God. The true God has revealed Himself in His creation, defined Himself in His Word, the Bible, and has manifested Himself in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.