Fundamentals of Biblical Christianity

I trust you have been blessed, encouraged, and grown in your faith in our current study of the Fundamental Doctrines of Biblical Christianity. Last week we examined the Doctrine of Soteriology or Biblical Salvation. Many people think they are going to Heaven because of what they do instead of fully believing in what Jesus has done for them. Some churches teach that you get to Heaven through their denominational church, or their baptism, or partaking of their communion, or some other thing. But the Bible makes it very clear that it is Jesus alone and what He has done for us in obedience to the Father’s will. It is not Jesus plus good works or baptism or anything else. Biblical Salvation is in Jesus alone, by faith alone, based on the Bible alone or it is simply not Biblical Salvation and it is not going to get you to Heaven eternally. I was blessed by our praise service last Sunday afternoon and this past Tuesday evening. Many people gave praise to the Lord for how thankful they are for being in a church where the Bible is clearly preached and taught. Many people gave praise to God for how much they have grown in their faith and understanding of the Bible truths since the Lord brought them to this church. I praise the Lord for doing what only He can do in the hearts of people who are yielded to Him as they faithfully gather in His house for His worship according to His Word. Today, we are looking at two foundational Doctrines of Biblical Christianity. One is Bibliology, the study of the Bible and the other is the Doctrine of Jesus in His bodily Incarnation, Resurrection, Accession, and one day His bodily return. I know one day I will see my Saviour in His glorified physical body that He ascended up into Heaven with after He came out of the grave with it. Mary saw Him physically in the Garden near the tomb on that resurrection morning, and we will see Him when He comes in the clouds to take us up into Heaven that He is preparing for those who have trusted in Him as their Saviour, just like He promised in John 14:1-4. If Jesus did not die for our sins and rise again to life physically, then He cannot be our Saviour. If these truths are not part of what a church teaches, then they are not teaching Biblical Christianity and they are not a Biblical church. The Bible being the Word of God is essential to the faith that Jesus paid for in His physical death on the cross and His bodily resurrection from the grave. God promised He gave us His Word for us to know Him and know we are saved in Him and know His will for our lives until He returns for us to take us to Heaven. What we believe about the Bible is critical to true faith in the Lord, because the Bible is the source of our information about faith. If the Bible is not the authority for what we believe, then we no longer have Biblical Faith, but rather a faith made up by man’s ideas about God for man. I trust you will let God speak to your heart today through the preaching of His Word in His worship.