Merry Incarnation Celebration

Our celebrating of the coming of Christ is a wonderful thing indeed. God coming to humanity in the form of humanity in order to become the Saviour of humans in their sins is truly worthy of celebrating. Much of the Doctrines of Biblical Christianity that we have been studying are centered on Christ. This is fitting because Christ is the beginning of the word Christianity. Christ is also the beginning of the word Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of the coming of Christ and of God becoming flesh through the womb of Mary. Biblical Christianity is all about coming into a right relationship with our Creator through faith in Christ as our Saviour. This is the incarnation of Christ, and this is what the celebration of Christmas is all about. The carols that we sing, the decorations that we display, the lights, the tree, the gifts; all speak to the celebration of Jesus coming to earth in human form in order to die in our place as our sacrifice for our sins to bring us into a right relationship with the Holy God of Heaven by faith in Him in agreement with the truths of Scripture. The word Christian speaks of one who is a believer in Christ as their Saviour, one who is a follower of Christ as their Shepherd, and one who is living life in anticipation of His soon and eminent return in the same way He departed in after He rose from the dead to cleanse us of our sins. I want to encourage us all to keep Christ preeminent in our Christmas celebration. I want to challenge us all to be worshipful to Christ in our celebrating of His incarnation. I want to motivate us all to keep our focus of Christmas clearly on the Christ of Christmas and on what He did for us in leaving Heaven and coming to earth in human form. May you all have a merry and blessed Incarnation Celebration.