Every Person in Every Place

This is God’s goal for every one of His children in every one of His churches in every place on earth. God wants the Gospel message of His Son, Jesus Christ, recorded in His Word, to be spread to every person in every place. God also wants every one of His children to be engaged in the process of fulfilling that commission given to us by our Saviour before He returns to take us up to Heaven to be with Him. This will be part of our accountability to our Lord at the Judgement Seat of Christ in eternity. Every person needs to have the opportunity to hear the truth of God’s love offered to them through His Son before it is eternally too late for them. God deserves to be obeyed in His will for His children by those who call themselves His children. The great commission is a twofold, simultaneous proposition for us. First ,it is us taking the Gospel to those in our vicinity where we live. That means personally taking part in the spreading of the Gospel ourselves. We can do that through handing tracts to people we know or even random strangers, or better yet both. We can also do that through verbalizing our faith in Christ for our salvation and our forgiveness of our sins and including the appropriate Scriptures that make those truths clear so they can understand it for themselves. Both of these enable you to engage in spreading the Gospel. And when you hand them a Gospel tract, tell them what it is about and inviting them to come out to visit our services or even go to our website, which, by the way, also communicates the Gospel message in various ways. The second part is to financially support others to do the same thing in other places where we are not living. It is my prayer, as always, that we will make progress in our missions giving and missions going. I look forward to the day when 100% of this church family is regularly and actively engaged in both missions giving and going to those in our valley to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray for the success of our outreach effort with Bob Holmes this week to invite public school students to Imbler High School Wednesday night at 7PM to challenge him in volleyball and to hear the Gospel. We look forward to seeing God work through this outreach into our valley.