Wise Man or Foolish Man?

I would dare say that we would all desire to answer this question about ourselves as being wise and not foolish. Most of us would like to consider ourselves to be more wise than foolish, even though we realize that we still have some progress to make. However, the reality is not what we think of ourselves as much as it what God thinks about us in regards to this question. The Bible makes it painfully clear in both Testaments, that God looks at things very differently than we do as humans. God even declares that the world sees His wisdom as foolishness and He declares that the wisdom of this world is sensual and devilish. Today, we are examining a passage that makes the delineation between living life according to the wisdom of God or the philosophies of this world eternally significant for us to consider. In this passage we can realize that the product of our life being lived defines for us the foundation upon which and the building supplies from which we are truly building our life. The fruit of our life reveals the root or where we are growing from in this life and helps us to accurately see the future we are heading to if we continue without making adjustments in our journey. God is so gracious to us to give us His Word and display to us examples in Scripture as to the realities of life. The question is for each of us, will we benefit from His Word or not. Will we merely give it a cursory glance so that what we do see does not even make a impression in our mind? Will we truly give a close look at God’s Word, but then quickly forget what we have seen so that nothing truly changes in our life and we continue in our deception, destruction, and disillusionment. Or will we take the time to let God actually speak to us from His Word about what He sees in our life that He wants to change and then do what He has spoken to us about so that our life can bring Him more glory and we can enjoy His blessings more in our life. Every one of us decides for ourselves what we believe, what we base our beliefs upon, and how we live our lives because of our beliefs. What we determine about those decisions determines our experience in life and eternity. As they say, “A word to the wise is sufficient!”