I am thankful to the Lord and to His people and for the blessings of the Lord on His churches. I am thankful for how the Lord has blessed His people and how they are giving to the Lord’s work through His churches. I am thankful for more and more of God’s people getting back to gathering for corporate worship and serving in the Lord’s church for His glory. I am thankful for how God has blessed many churches all over the world even in these uncertain times of restrictions due to COVID 19. I have heard of churches that are back to 100% of their regular attendance and one who is actually up over attendance before the pandemic because other churches are shut down. I am thankful for churches that are seeing souls saved in person and on line, believer’s baptized, and souls added into the church membership. I am thankful that we and many other churches are seeing guests return to visit worship services. I am thankful that people are getting more accepting of the handing out of Gospel tracts as we seek to obey Christ’s Commission. I am thankful for how the Lord has blessed His church even right here in Summerville. I am thankful for faithful pastors preaching the Word of God and faithful children of God who are faithfully benefitting from it in person and on line. I am thankful for God’s Word that is always true and for God always being true to His Word. I am thankful for being able to give nearly $10,000.00 from our missions surplus this year to Missionary Love Offerings and project needs they have in their ministry. I am thankful for over $4,000.00 being given over and above regular Faith Missions giving for Missionary Love Offerings for guests and our Uttermost Fund going to ministries in the 10/40 Window of the world. I am thankful for each person that gives to the Lord’s work here at Summerville, for each person that faithfully gives a tithe of their income, for those who go above a tithe to give freewill offerings, and for each one that gives to Faith Missions to go to worldwide evangelization. I am thankful for the people who have been faithful to help us minister to souls here in person and at home online or by video. I am thankful to be part of a church and live in a country that is generous to others in benevolent giving. I am thankful to live in a country where people have the freedoms to earn their own income and use it as they wish. I am thankful to live in a country where you have freedom to voice your opposition to leadership and speak the truth of what you believe even if others do not agree with you. I am thankful to live in a country and be part of a church where I as one person in it has a say in how it functions and who is leading its function. I am thankful to be in the season of the year where we get to vote to make our wishes known for our nation and also for our church ministry. I hope you are thankful you get to vote and that you prayerfully vote!