WED: “Prerequisites to Understanding the Fear of the Lord”


Introduction:             Synergy              Chain reaction

  1. If you will do these things      Proverbs 2: 1-4
    1. If you will receive His Words      1-2
    2. If you crave for the knowledge of His understanding      3
    3. If you seek after God’s wisdom in His Word as treasure      4
  2. Then these things will result        Proverbs 2: 5-9
    1. Realizing the reality of reverencing the Lord            5a
    2. Discovering the knowledge of God                            5b-6
      1. Through wisdom given from the Lord
      2. Through the knowledge from God’s mouth
      3. Through the understanding of God’s mouth
    3. Experiencing the help of the Lord            Proverbs 2:7-8
      1.  With Him supplying His wisdom to you
      2.  With Him protecting you as you walk in His ways
      3.  With Him prompting you to stay on the path of life He will bless
    4. Comprehending the way of the Lord           Proverbs 2:9
  3.  When it does, these things will happen as well        Proverbs 2:10-22
    1. When God’s wisdom enters your soul            10a
      1. It will influence your thinking
      2. It will guide your decision making
      3. It will temper your desires to be honoring to God
    2. When God’s knowledge is delightful to your soul            10b
    3. They will help you make decisions that honor God            11
      1. With discernment to see things that normally you might miss on your own
      2. With carefulness to make the best choices that God will bless
      3. With insights that will help you with a plan to guide you in the right direction
      4. With understanding beyond your own ability to help protect you from disaster
    4. God will use these things to deliver us from destruction 12-19
      1. The destruction of evil influences            12-15
      2. The destruction of sensual influences            16-19
    5. By avoiding bad influences, we can choose good influences 20-22
      1. Enabling you to do what you should do
      2. Walk in the way that will cause you to avoid wickedness
      3. Stay on the path of the righteous children of God
  • Doing right helps us to experience God’s best for our lives     V. 21
  • Doing right helps us avoid God’s judgement on our lives         V. 22