PM: “True Worship is All About the Lord God Almighty” Part 2

Text:  I Chronicles 16:8-36

V. Seeking the Lord for His will in our lives vss. 10-11

  1. To rejoice our hearts in deeper intimacy with Him
  1. Seeking the Lord to know Him more personally
  2. Seeking the Lord to know more about Him personally
  3. Seeking the Lord to know more of Him in me
  1. To be strengthened by His strength in us
  1. To experience His blessings as we obey Him

VI. Celebrating our covenant relationship with God vss. 14-22

  1. Our personal relationship with Him vs. 14 “our God”
  1. Reminding ourselves of the truth of it vs. 15
  1. The covenant God made available to us vs. 16
  1. The everlasting covenant confirmed in His Word vs. 17
  1. The covenant of an inheritance in a land to come vs. 18
  1. The covenant of His presence with us and care of us vs. 19-22

VII. Declaring His glory and salvation unto those who do not have it vss. 23-31

  1. Making it known in word and deed vs. 23     show forth day to day his salvation”
  1. Showing it forth in our witness
  2. Showing it forth in our testimony
  1. Declaring the glory of God to others vs. 24
  1. To the saved to edify them in their faith
  2. To the lost to evangelize them to the faith
  1. Declaring the greatness of God above all vs. 25
  1. Declaring the Creator God superior to others vs. 26
  1. Inviting those without Him to come to Him vs. 27-31
  1. Come into His presence and place by His glory vs. 27   Matthew 11:28-30
  1. Bring the glory unto Him He is due in His holiness vs. 28-29
  2. To submit to Him and honor Him with their life vs. 30
  3. To enjoy the gladness of the true God in their life vs. 31

VIII. Asking for the Lord’s help in our lives for the days ahead vss. 35-36

  1. God’s help in gathering us together vs. 35a
  1. God’s help in delivering us from the wicked vs. 35b
  1. God’s help in bringing Him the glory He is worthy of in our lives vs. 35c
  1. God being blessed in us, through us, and by us as His children vs. 36