AM: “True Worship is All About the Lord God Almighty” Part 1.

TEXT:     I Chronicles 16:8-36

I. Thanking Him for His goodness and mercy unto us vss. 8, 34

  1. Calling on His name with thanksgiving for who He is
  1. Giving thanks unto Him by making known what He has done
  1. Giving thanks unto Him for being good to us
  1. Giving thanks unto Him for His mercy shown to us

II. Declaring His greatness in what He has done vss. 8-12

  1. Verbalizing the great deeds that He has done
  1. Talking of His wonderful works He has done
  1. Repeating to be remembered the great truths about Him in His Word

III. Singing His praises of who He is to us vss. 9, 23

  1. Sing unto Him not unto others
  1. Sing of His truths in His Word
  1. Sing of His wonderful works
  1. Sing about Him not about ourselves or others
  1. Sing clearly and distinctly about the Lord alone

IV. Remembering His recorded Word vss. 12, 15

  1. The marvelous works He has done recorded in His Word
  1. The wonders of who He is recorded in His Word
  1. The declarations of truths breathed from His mouth recorded in His Word

II Timothy 3:15-17

  1. The proclaiming of the Word that He promised to preserve true and pure

Psalm 12:6-7, Matthew 5:17-20