WED: “The Fear of the Lord is a Choice to be made”


  1. God makes His wisdom available to whoever wants to benefit from it      vss. 20-23
    1. The invitation to benefit from God’s wisdom is publicly declared to all      20-21
    2. The invitation to receive God’s help must be responded to personally      22
    3. The invitation to experience God’s blessings requires the act of faith      23
      1. The act of repenting at God’s correction of our sinfulness
      2. The act of receiving God’s Spirit into our soul for holiness
      3. The act of recognizing God’s Word to believe what it says
  2. Living life independent of God means we are on our own in crisis       vss. 24-28
    1. Refusing His call to us for Salvation we are on our own spiritually      24a
    2. Rejecting His helping hand means we are choosing not to have His help    24b
    3. Resisting His counsel and correction means we won’t benefit from it          25
    4. Relying on ourselves means we are on our own in the bad times as well    26-27
    5. Realizing you need God in your life when it is too late then it is too late      28
  3.  We are free to make our own choices, but not the consequences               vss. 29-33
    1. We make our own choices regarding the things of God       29-30
    2. We are not free to choose the consequence of the choices we make      31
    3. We will always experience the results of our own choices in life      32-33
      1. Bad choices result in bad outcomes                                     32
      2. Good choices result in good outcomes                               33