PM: “Seek the Lord with All Your Heart Regarding Sin”


Introduction: Deuteronomy in relationship with Hosea

>Deuteronomy was given before Hosea 755-710BC by nearly 1,000 years

>Deuteronomy was preventative, where Hosea was consequential

>If God’s people would have obeyed the Word of God given in Deuteronomy they could

have avoided the judgement prophesied in Hosea

I. The warning against sin vss. 15-22

  1. It is a personal warning vss. 15-16
  1. Guard yourself from temptations “Take heed to yourselves…”
  1. Listen to the Lord speak to you “…the Lord spake unto you”
  1. Know your sin will corrupt your life “…corrupt yourselves”
  1. Choose what you do wisely “…make you”
  1. It is a practical warning vss. 16-20
  1. It is a purposeful warning vss. 21-22

II. The consequence of sin vss. 26-28

  1. National consequences for sin vs. 26
  1. Personal consequences for sin vs. 27
  1. Spiritual consequences for sin vs. 28

III. The solution to sin vss. 29-31

  1. Be faithful to God avoiding it vs. 29 Psalm 119:2
  1. Repent of it when you fall to it vs. 30 Deut. 30:1-3,  Jer. 3:10, Joel 2:12
  1. Respond to the faithfulness of God’s mercy vs. 31     Psalm 119:9-11  Psalm 119:57-60  Psalm 119:145-152