TEXT: Acts 18.  Priscilla & Aquila

I. Paul connected with Aquila & Priscilla on many levels (vv. 1-4)
A. God’s people should always be looking for places to share the Gospel (v. 1)
1. Paul had been sharing the Gospel in Athens (17:16-34)
2. Paul had been sharing the Gospel in Berea (17:10-15)
3. Paul had been sharing the Gospel in Thessalonica (17:1-9)

B. God’s people have always been persecuted ever since Able (v. 2)
1. Aquilla and Priscilla could relate to Paul’s situation of having to move around
2. In Thessalonica Paul had to escape by night (17:5-10)
3. In Berea Paul trouble followed him from Thessalonica (17:13-15)
4. In Athens Paul he was mocked by some but not everyone (17:32-34; II Timothy 3:12)

C. God’s people should always have things in common (vv. 3-4)

II. We should always be faithful to the Lord no matter the opposition (vv. 5-8)
A. Silas and Timothy were influenced by Paul’s faithfulness (v. 5a)
B. Paul was faithful to be a witness of Jesus Christ (vv. 5b-6)
C. Paul was faithful to be a godly influence on others to be faithful (vv. 7-8)

III. God gives His promises to His helpers, and He helps them (vv. 9-17)
A. God gave Paul a commission and a promise when he needed it (vv. 9-10)
B. Paul was obedient to the will of God for His life that God gave him (vv. 11)
C. God protected Paul as he obeyed His will and was attacked for it (vv. 12-17)

IV. True helpers build trust in their faithfulness over time (vv. 18-23)
A. Aquilla and Priscilla seem to have been with Paul all this time (v. 18)
B. Aquilla and Priscilla travelled with Paul to Ephesus (vv. 18-19)
C. Aquilla and Priscilla remained in Ephesus after Paul departed (vv. 19-23)

V. Helpers in ministry can help in your absence (vv. 24-28)
A. Aquilla and Priscilla were in Ephesus when Apollos arrived (v. 24)
B. Aquilla and Priscilla were in Ephesus to disciple Apollos (vv. 25-26)
C. Aquilla and Priscilla were able to send a letter to support Apollos (vv. 27-28)
D. Aquilla and Priscilla continued as a faithful blessing to Paul
1. In Paul’s letter to the Romans, he calls them his helpers in Christ (Romans 16:3-5)
2. In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, he mentions the church in their house (I Corinthians 16:19)
3. In Paul’s second letter to Timothy, he asks him to greet them (II Timothy 4:19)