TEXT:   Ephesians 6:1-4

Introduction: Today we recognize Grandparents and honor their place of significance in the lives of families. Truly grandparents set the pace of the next generation because they bring up the
parents of their grandchildren who will make up the society of the future. The family is the foundation of the social order, which is why there is so much effort being put forth to redefine
the family in order to create a new social order.

I. God expects children to obey their parents (v. 1)
A. The commanded      “Children obey”
B. The command           “obey your parents”
C. The commander       “in the Lord”
D. The commendation “for this is right.”
II. God expects children to honor their parents (v. 2)
A. Honor your father
B. Honor your mother
C. Honor the Lord
III. God assures children a blessing for honoring their parents (v. 3)
A. God promises a good quality of life to children who honor their parents
B. God promises a good quantity of life to children who honor their parents
IV. God expects children to have parents that care for them (v. 4)
A. Fathers are most responsible for their children as the head
B. Fathers are not to incite their children to anger with their own anger
C. Fathers are to lead their families to the place that God wants them
1. The father is to bring his children up to where God wants them to be
2. The father needs to arrive to that place first in order to bring them up to it
3. The father is to lead in meeting the needs of his family

Developmental needs growing up well, very hands on training
Instructional needs preparing for the future, discipling, verbal  (Deuteronomy 6:4-9)