February 18, 2024     TEXT:  I Peter 2:1-12

BAPTIST Distinctives:

  • Bible is the Sole Authority for Faith and Practice
  • Autonomy of Individual Biblical Churches
  • Priesthood of the True Believer in Jesus Christ
  • Two Ordinances of Biblical Churches; Baptism and the Lord’s Table
  • Individual Soul Liberty of the Born-again Believer in Jesus Christ
  • Separation of Biblical Churches from the world, form the government, from unbiblical churches
  • Two Offices of Biblical Churches: Pastors and Deacons

Introduction: Verse 1 “Wherefore” (I Peter 1:17-25)

  • >Calling out to God the Father for His grace and mercy
  • >Being redeemed of our sins by the blood of Christ
  • >Believe in God and His plan of Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ
  • >Growing in His holiness being lived in our lives by obeying His Word with the help of His Spirit
  • >Those who have been born again by the working of the Gospel in their heart as it is declared from the Word of God

I. Genuine Salvation produces changes (vv. 1-3)

  1. Changes in our behavior externally (v. 1)
  2. Changes in our spiritual nature internally (v. 2; II Corinthians 5:17-18; II Peter 1:3-4)
  3. Changes because of receiving the Lord in your life (v. 3)

II. Genuine Salvation produces life from death (vv. 4-6)

  1. Jesus is the living stone that was rejected (v. 4)
  2. Jesus makes us lively stones when we receive Him (v. 5)
  3. Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith (v. 6)

III. Genuine Salvation is about believing (vv. 7-8)

  1. To them that believe He is precious (v. 7a)
  2. To them that disobey He is rejected (vv. 7-8)
  3. To them that believe He becomes their Saviour (v. 8)

IV. Genuine Salvation is God’s determination (vv. 9-10)

  1. God determines that Salvation gives us direct access to God (v. 9)
  2. B. God determines that Salvation changes everything forever (v. 10)

V. Genuine Salvation allows us to glorify God eternally (vv. 11-12)

  1. Children of God are only passing through this earth (v. 11a)
  2. Children of God are to work against fleshly lusts (v. 11b)
  3. Children of God are to be honest and do good works (v. 12a; Ephesians 2:8-10)
  4. Children of God are to bring glory to God now and forever (v. 12b)