PM: “Life & Death are Better With God Than Without”

TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 4

  1. The authority of life & death is with God    Ecclesiastes 4:1-3
    1. Those who lived & died already
    2. Those who live still today     Hebrews 9:24-28
    3. Those who were never born     II Samuel 12:21-23
  2. Life lived with the wisdom of God is best of all    Ecclesiastes 4:4-6
    1. Being envious of others is empty
    2. Being a fool is different than being foolish
      1. Fool     – Psalm 14:1; 53:1; 14:16; 26:10
      2. Foolish –  Psalm 38:5;  Proverbs 19:13; 22:15; 24:9
    3. Satisfaction of life is better than having much stuff     Proverbs 17:1
  3. Life lived alone is not better for anyone    Ecclesiastes 4:7-12
    1. Life alone without God is not ever better
    2. Life alone on your own is lonely & not better
    3. Life with the support of others is better with God too
  4. A closing personal testimonial of Solomon’s life    Ecclesiastes 4:13-16
    1. God’s wisdom is better than the world’s wealth     Proverbs 8:1-11; 3:14
    2. When we are not teachable, we are destined for trouble
    3. How we live our life influences the future lives to come
  • Action Points;
    • How have you been living out from under God’s authority in your life?
    • What can you do this week to help you live with the wealth of God’s wisdom more?
    • What choices are you making in your life to forfeit the help of others & of God?
    • What can you change this week to improve your personal influence on the future?