WED: “The Fear of the Lord Comes from God”

TEXT:  II Chronicles 14:8-15

  1. All of life has good & bad moments    II Chronicles 14:8-11
    1. Having a well-prepared army is a good thing
    2. Having an enemy twice your size is a bad thing
    3. Having a God greater than all is the best thing ever
  2. Having God on your side is always the greater benefit    II Chronicles 14:12-13
    1. Only the Lord can destroy all our enemies
    2. Only the Lord can give us His confidence
    3. Only the Lord can give to us His victory
  3. The fear of the Lord is something we need    II Chronicles 14:14-15
    1. We need to have it come upon us     I Samuel 11:7;  I Chronicles 17:10; 19:7,9
    2. We need to have the benefit of living with it upon us
    3. We need to live the reality of it being upon us
      1. The abundance of His blessing
      2. The submission to His authority
      3. The confidence of our obedience
      4. The victory of His power