AM: “The Satisfaction of God’s Will Done In His Time”

TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 3

  1. God has a time for everything in His Will     Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
    1. Life is full of seasons
    2. Life works in cycles
    3. God’s plan on earth has cycles
  2. It is always profitable to live life God’s way    Ecclesiastes 3:9-15
    1. Labor & trials are better with God than without
    2. Labor & life are more beautiful with God than without
    3. God’s sovereignty is better with Him than without
  3. It is always profitable to die doing God’s Will    Ecclesiastes 3:16-22
    1. God is the final judge over His creation
    2. god made mankind in His image to live eternally
    3. God gives us more joy in life & eternity if we obey Him     John 10:9-11; 15:11; 16:24;  I JOhn 1:4
  • Action Points:
    • What cycle of life are you currently in, and are you in it with the Lord or without Him?
    • What needs to change in your life this week to enable you to enjoy more satisfaction in living life God’s Way?
    • What decisions can I make in my life now to make my life & eternity more joyful?