PM: “Knowing & Showing What You Have in Christ”

Continued from the morning service of 5/30/2021

TEXT:  I John 3:18-24

  1.  True faith produces genuine love       I John 3:18-20
    1. Genuine love is more than mere words
    2. Genuine love is more than human emotions
    3. Genuine love is more than human ability
  2. True faith produces confidence in relationship     I John 3:21-22
    1. Peace in knowing you are a part of God’s family
      1. The peace of being loved by God; of belonging to God;
      2. The peace of God from the love of God being in our heart to show to others     Romans 5:5;  Philippians 4:7;  Colossians 3:15
    2. Assurance in coming before the Lord in prayer
    3. Certainty in pleasing God through obeying His Word
  3. True faith produces true fruit     I John 3:23-24
    1. The fruit of God’s love being in us
    2. The fruit of righteousness being in us     Ephesians 5
    3. The fruit of the Spirit being produced in us     Galatians 4:16-26
  • Action Points:
    • How are you seeing the evidence of true faith in your life producing:   1. genuine love?   2. real relationships?  3. God’s fruit in you?