WED: “The Fear of the Lord Helps Us Not to Fear Man”


  • Introduction:  Context
    • Choosing & Sending the twelve disciples
    • Warning of persecution
  1. Fear not man to obey God on earth     Matthew 10:26
    1. Jesus gave this command
    2. This is what the “therefore” is therefore     Matthew 10:16-25
    3. This is what the angel told Joseph     Matthew 1:20
  2. Fear not man to serve God on earth     Matthew 10:27-28
    1. By listening to Him personally
    2. By proclaiming what He says to others
    3. By honoring Him over fearing men
  3. Fear not man to trust God on earth     Matthew 10:29-33
    1. Because God knows all things
    2. Because God values you over all creation     Matthew 6:25-26;  Psalm 8:3-9
    3. Because God judges in eternity
      1. Fear not to agree with God & His truth to man
      2. Fear not to acknowledge God & His truth to man
      3. Fear not to identify with God & His truth before man