PM: “I Still Believe Removing Sin Makes Us Right With God and Others”

Text: Psalm 32:6-11

  1. Removing sin enables us to be more Godly.   V 6-7
    1. By being closer to the LORD
    2. By resting in the LORD
    3. By being more filled by the LORD
  2. Removing sin enables us to be more teachable.  V 8-10
    1. To hear the instruction of the LORD better
    2. To learn from the teaching of the LORD
    3. To see the guidance of the LORD
    4. To not be stubborn, rebellious and prideful
  3. Removing sin enables us to be more joyful.   V 10-11
    1. By growing in faith in the LORD
    2. By enjoying the mercy of the LORD in forgiveness
    3. By enjoying the presence of the LORD
    4. By experiencing a right heart with the LORD
  • Action Points:
    • Can you see the result of being right with God in your life today?
    • If not, what is keeping you from enjoying being right with the LORD?
    • If not, are you sure you are truly born again?
    • If not, is there unconfessed sin in your life that needs to be repented of today?
    • If not, there is a reason that you need to get figured out, because God wants you to be right with Him.