AM: “I still believe that our sin must be removed”

Text:  Psalm 32:1-5

  1. We all want to be blessed     Psalm 32:1,2
    1. We all want to be happy in life
    2. We all want to have joy in life
    3. We all want benefits in life
    4. We all want God’s good favor
    5. We do not all experience these blessings.
  2. We all hinder our ability to be blessed    Psalm 32:1,2,5
    1. God says in His Word that we have ALL sinned    Romans 3:23; Romans 3:9-19
      1. Our sin is our sin
      2. Our sins are many
    2. God says our sins separate us from Him
      1. Lost in sin before Salvation       Romans 4:6-10
      2. Wayward child out of fellowship after Salvation   Isaiah 59:1-3
  3. WE all need to make right what we make wrong   Psalm 32:3-5
    1. The reality is we often do not make things right  V 3,4
    2. The truth of God says we must deal with it    V 5
      1. By acknowledging it
      2. By repenting of it     Matthew 5:21-26;  I John 1:8-9
        1. Naming it
        2. Owning it
        3. Identifying it
      3. By seeking forgiveness of it
        1. Forgiven by God first and fore most
        2. Forgiven by those damaged by our sin
        3. God promises to forgive our repented sin  V. 5
        4. God commands us to forgive others as well   Ephesians 4:31-32
  • Action Points:
    • Are you in a condition to be blessed by God?
    • Are you keeping up to date on seeking forgiveness the Bible Way?
    • Are you willingly forgiving others as God commands us to do?