PM: “God’s Wisdom is Essential to Living Life Well” Part 2

Continued from the morning message:

TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 7

  1. 4. God’s wisdom from God’s Word draws us to our need of God     Ecclesiastes 7:15-22     Proverbs 2:6
    1. We do not always experience justice even doing right
    2. We cannot make ourselves righteous but we can be foolish
    3. We are living best when we honor the Lord in His wisdom
    4. We are all sinners in need of a Saviour
    5. We have all probably displayed hypocrisy from time-to-time
  2. 5. We do not benefit from God’s wisdom apart from God     Ecclesiastes 7:23-29
    1. The man’s wisdom on his own is not equal to God’s wisdom     James 3:13-18
    2. God’s wisdom can protect us from much of the destructions of life     Proverbs 2
    3. Only God & His righteousness can make us upright with Him     Psalm 49:6-9; 51:1-3