AM: “God’s Wisdom is Essential to Living Life Well” Part 1


  1. Life is serious, so live it seriously     Ecclesiastes 7:1-6
    1. Your reputation & legacy are vital to your success in life     Proverbs 22:1;  Hebrews 11:1-3, 39-40;  Luke 7:36-50;  John 12:1-5;  Mark 14:3-6
    2. The brevity of life helps us understand the seriousness of it
    3. The sadness of life helps us to make the most of the life we live
    4. The wisdom of God is a serious matter in the living of life wisely
  2. How you live life determines a lot about your enjoyment in life     Ecclesiastes 7:7-10
    1. Oppression & gifts unwarranted can be destructive
    2. Endings are better than beginnings
    3. Patience is better than pride for us all
    4. Haste & anger in life are often both foolish & wasteful
    5. Foolish words are not good, but wise questions are profitable     Romans 14:1-3
  3. God’s wisdom is critical to living life well with God     Ecclesiastes 7:11-14
    1. Wisdom is good with an inheritance
    2. Wisdom is life to those who choose it
    3. Wisdom is the beginning of life with God     Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 1:7; 9:10
    4. Wisdom is priceless in adversity to trust in God