AM: “Wisdom helps us live more effectively than foolishness”

TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 10

  1. Wisdom results in honor more than foolishness ever will      Ecclesiastes 10:1-4
    1. Foolishness is corrupting to a good reputation
    2. Wisdom is honoring to the reputation of anyone
    3. Foolishness in anyone is evident to everyone
  2. Wisdom can help us be more effective in life    Ecclesiastes 10:5-10
    1. Leading without wisdom is bad for everyone
    2. It is better for everyone to lead in wisdom
    3. Wisdom helps us to work smarter, not merely harder
  3. Our words display our wisdom or lack thereof    Ecclesiastes 10:11-15
    1. Words can bite us if we are not careful
    2. Wise words are a gracious blessing
    3. Foolishness is destructive to everyone
  4. The difference a life can make in wisdom or foolishness    Ecclesiastes 10:16-20
    1. The difference an honorable life can make
    2. The difference a dishonorable life can make
      1.  Due to immaturity vs. 16a
      2.  Due to pleasure seeking vs. 16b
      3.  Due to laziness vs. 18
      4.  Due to materialism vs. 19b
      5.  Due to words out for control vs. 20