PM: “God’s wisdom helps us understand more”

TEXT:  Ecclesiastes 11

  1. God’s principle of sowing and reaping is universal      Ecclesiastes 11:1-4
    1. 1. Living generously brings forth blessings
    2. Savings is a valuable thing in time of need    Ecclesiastes 11:2
    3. What we sow in living life we will reap in life and eternity
  2. There is much in this world we do not fully understand      Ecclesiastes 11: 5-6
    1. We do not know everything about the spiritual world
    2. We do not know everything about biology
    3. We do not fully understand the ways of God      Romans 11:32-36
    4. We do not know what the future holds for anyone or anything
  3.  Life is mixed with good and bad, but it all works for good      Ecclesiastes 11: 7-8
    1. True light is a blessing, but it shows us the dust better
    2. Sun light is the best light, but it reveals the flaws more
    3. A long life is a wonderful blessing, but it also has more dark days too
  4.  We all choose how we will live and are accountable to God      Ecclesiastes 11; 9-10
    1. God wants us to enjoy our youthful days
    2. God wants us to enjoy our living of life
    3. God wants us to enjoy our life eternally as well